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Good news about Ilja!! He doesn’t have fungus on his glands. His infection just needs more time to heal, but it’s not chronic. He has to get 7 more days antibiotics, and we can go on the road again!!!!!!!!! 


The story of yesterday:


Cecile and I had a lot of stress because of the move, the hospital, everything that could be coming. We got a call that the camion that would transport our cart couldn’t get out of his meadow because of the rain, and in the morning we couldn’t get the people on the phone who would come with the horse trailer. Around midday we could reach them and we made an arrangement for 14h. In the mean time I talked with Cecile again about the plan, because it was too late to transport Wodan first and then Ilja (for the appointment in the hospital) and it looked like we wouldn’t have transport for the cart, we decided that I would go alone with a tent and Ilja. Cecile would stay with Wodan. In the best scenario, I would get back soon with Ilja, and otherwise we would do a big movement. A way better plan!!


The trailer arrived and Ilja got on pretty easy, I sat myself inside the trailer next to Ilja to calm him down, and we went on the road to Ronthon. We arrived half an hour before the appointment, but Ilja went out of the trailer straight to the “hospital room”. He got sedated, the camera went in his nose and we looked at the caves that the camera could find. There appeared to be no fungus, his sinuses and glands were perfectly clean and only his airway showed some signs of a small infection.


So he just has to take one more week antibiotics and he should be ok again!! A lot of stress fell from my shoulders. Ilja went back on the trailer. And we went back on the road, we stopped for a moment at Jean-Louis and Jacky (the horseman who helped me with the transport, again thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!) to feed their animals and take care of them. And we drove straight after that back to Epiniac. I was glad to tell Cecile the good news, to reunite Ilja and Wodan as soon as possible, that we didn’t move everything,… So after all everything was all right, lots of emotions and stress, but everything well get all right! Tomorrow we move the cart and the horses to a meadow from the community next to a beautiful small lake, were we give Ilja one more week of rest before we go on the road again to the south.